Tuesday 30 November 2010

Michael Voris on Rebellion in the Church

I happened across this on Fr Tom Forde's Blog - Breathing with both lungs.
I'm sometimes a bit ambivalent about American presentation with its "gung-ho" attitude. It can seem a little over the top but then a bit of conviction and enthusiasm is perhaps something we're lacking when expressing our Faith. Anyway, I had not come across this fellow before but you can see much more of him and other good things at www.realcatholictv.com/free/

I especially like one of their mottos:

In line with the Church
On line with the world

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GOR said...

Yes Father, Michael Voris is not everyone’s cup of tea, even here in the US. But he does get to the root of things and doesn’t pull punches. Some criticize him on a basis of “by what authority?” does he speak. But truth can be found in many places and if it is not being proclaimed - or error is being taught - from pulpits, scandal results and people’s faith is put at risk. Even Our Lord expressed surprise at the faith of the centurion and the worldly wisdom of the Samaritan woman.

Yes, he is critical of those in the Church - especially the clergy - whom he sees as not fulfilling their duties. I don’t think anyone would argue that there is need for improvement, to put it mildly! But his criticism is not confined to the ranks of the clergy, but also to fellow-laypeople who are lax in their faith, especially those in public life.

His calling out of Bishop Willie Walsh is to the point. My sister in Ireland used to tell me that +Willie was one of the ‘most popular’ bishops in Ireland. Given the state of the Faith in Ireland right now, it’s not hard to see why. If we tell people what they want to hear we may be popular, but are we proclaiming the Truth, or just playing to the crowd?

Voris’ work is not all negative, as he highlights those in the Church – clerical and lay – who are standing up for the Faith. There is a need for more of that. Too often we are presented with the failures of Catholics to be faithful and hear little about the success stories. Bad news makes the front pages - good news is relegated to the back.

We need more Good News – which is really the point, isn’t it?