Friday 29 October 2010

The Power and the Priestess

I happened upon this article on "Why Women can't be priests" via a link from the Traditional VocationsBlog.
Br Tom Forda OFM Cap writes in a very clear way and does so unashamedly. I find that I have often been infected with the political correctness of the world and while defending some of the Church's teaching am aware of squirming a little, knowing that to some of the people I'm talking to I sound like something out of the ark. Well, I suppose we are, but it is the Ark of Salvation - if only we would hold firm. I particularly like his explanation of the mistake of seeing the priesthood as power and therefore why can't women have power in the Church? But the priesthood should not be about power - it is supposed to be about service, but the service of offering salvation to others, which sometimes means saying things that others do not want to hear.

Thanks to the Traditional Vocations Blog.

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F Marsden said...

Lovely picture. I thought they were lollipop ladies at first.

Fr Francis Marsden