Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Fantastic Muslim Convert

I switched on the television on Monday night and by chance saw Aghi Clovis being interviewed on EWTN by Joanna Bogle. I met Aghi some weeks ago when I was in Walsingham (on a very wet weekend) to assist at the annual pilgrimage for the National Association of Catholic Families ( They set up their tents next door to the Reconciliation Chapel with a marquee for the main events. Priests helping are assigned to particular families to feed them and look after them and I was fortunate enough to be assigned to the care of the Clovis Family (although not all of their ten children were there!) Greg Clovis works with Family Life International ( and Aghi is a former Muslim from post revolutionary Iran, a convert to the Catholic Faith. The interview was worth watching but Aghi has been translating Columba Marmion’s “Christ the Life of the Soul” into Persian! She feels that it speaks to many of the objections Muslims level at the Catholic Faith. It’s a great book but translating it into Persian is some task. Aghi tells me that she hopes to put it onto the internet as a resource.

In a time when we hear of Westerners converting to Islam, hers is a fascinating story for her faith shines through in the fantastic journey she has made.

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GWAM said...

On a (very) related tangent, Father, your readers may be fascinated by this, the story of a Coptic priest who has been dubbed (at least in the cyber-world) as "Islam's Public Enemy No.1".

Whatever else, it's an astonishing video-story:
Fr Zakira Botros